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Spray Lath V Ribbed

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Spray Lath V Ribbed

Spray lath is used primarily on the West coast, where stucco is spray applied to the surface of the lath to build stucco thickness. Rib Lath is often attached directly to the vertical framing members without a solid board substrate included. Spray products are categorized as follows:

Spray Lath V Ribbed

Use: For exterior stucco work over sheathing and as a plaster base over masonry walls. Self-furring embossed "V" groove holds the lath away from the surface to aid in the keying of stucco to the lath.

Size: 27" × 96" (686mm × 2440mm)

Weights: 3.40lbs/yd2 - (End Painted Red w/ Yellow Stripe)

Installation: Spray Lath - V-Ribbed is intended for applications not requiring a water resistant barrier. The plain kraft paper is applied between V grooves to conserve machine applied stucco and allows visual location of studs during installation.

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