• rib lath
  • high rib lath
  • Expanded Metal Lath

High quality metal lath and rib lath for corner protection

Rib lath has V ribs and high tensile strength, rib lath is ideal material used as a background for plaster, render, stucco application in construction of suspended ceilings partition.

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High ribbed lath compared with metal lath has engineering quality and construction security. High rib lath is widely used in construction reinforcement of bridges, sewage system.

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Metal Lath is available in expanded metal lath, self-furred, paper-backed, flat-ribbed, diamond mesh and high ribbed lath. It can be galvanized expanded rib lath.

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Metal lath is used in construction for brickwork reinforcement. The types have expanded metal lath, high rib lath. It is widely in application of roads, concrete slabbing.

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  • Here mainly introduce metal steel types and specifications: include code, thick, size, weight and hole.